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        Model: SBPFTD2, SAPFTD2 Series
        Brand: MBY

        SBPFTD2, SAPFTD2 Series

        Product Description
        MBY® Pillow blocks, the most commonly used type of mounted units, are housings which have a bearing fitted into them.
        They are designed to provide shaft support where the mounting surface is parallel to the shaft axis.
        Typically manufactured from cast iron or cast steel, the pillow block bearing housing has provisions to allow the housing to be bolted down snugly.

        MBY® Pillow blocks are supplied in a variety of configurations,
        and are usually mounted in cleaner environments and generally are meant for lesser loads of general industry.
        MBY® Pillow blocks are widely used in agriculture machine, conveyor system, construction machines, etc.

        The insert bearings are the deep groove ball bearings with wide inner rings, it insert in housing  work as an unit bearings.
        The housing are mainly casting or pressed steel.  
        The bearing unit are compact in design with perfect sealing devices .
        They can align with easy during operation and can be conveniently mounted or dismounted.


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        Unit No. Dimensions(mm) Bolt Used Bearing No. Housing No. Mass(kg)
        d H J L 2 A h N S 1 E 1 1 (mm) (in) SAPFTD SBPFTD
        SAPFTD204 20 91 71.5 63 10.2 20 2.5 8.6 7 7 29 33.5 33.3 M8 5/16 SA204 PFTD204 0.29 0.27
        SAPFTD205 25 96 76.2 69 8.7 19 2.5 8.6 7.5 7.5 30.5 34 38.1 M8 5/16 SA205 PFTD205 0.4 0.38
        SBPFTD206 30 113 90.5 79 11.5 22 3 10.5 8 8 34 37.9 44.5 M10 3/8 SB206 PFTD206 0.6 0.54

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