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        Model: JUMBO Combined Bearings
        Brand: MBY

        JUMBO Combined Bearings

        Product Description
        MBY Combined Bearings are particularly suitable for truck lift columns and all other convoying systems which require profiles. They can afford load from both axial and radial direction at the same time. With the optimzed structure, the mount space can be saved, and the usage is also simple that just to weld the pivot in the mount plate, and it is not necessary to dismantle the whole set. The radial bearings areAccording to customer’s application, the OD surface can be designed to be flat , crowned and other special ones. With the optimum design and high standard material, MBY combined bearings can support heavy loads and shock loads, and have extended  lifetime.

        MBY combined bearings are designed for easy installation and maintenance. The special lubrication system allows easy and reliable re-lubricate.MBY produces the whole range of combined bearings, both standard design and non-standard design. Moreover, we can develop combined bearings according to your application, sample or drawing. MBY design engineering and application assistance are a part of our value added services.

        MBY Bearing Group can provide series of Combined Bearings :
        Standard Combined Bearings
        Adjustable Combined Bearings
        Combined Bearings for "I" Standard Profiles
        Adjustable Combined Bearings for Heavy Industry
        JUMBO Combined Bearing
        Adjustable Combined Bearings with Eccentric Pin
        High Speed combined Bearings
        Adjustable Combined Bearings with screw
        Adjustable Combined Bearings with Plastic Axial Roller
        Adjustable Combined Bearings for Steel Industry
        Standard Radial Bearings
        Precision Radial Bearing

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        Bearing code d T D H h B A S r C Co Ca Coa Reference index
        mm mm mm Min-Max Min-Max mm mm mm mm KN KN KN KN Germany Italy A Italy B
        AMBY089 80 113 165 69-72 53-56 40 5 50 3 213 388 85 133 4.089 4.0089 MR.038A
        AMBY090 100 124 190 84.5-87.5 64.5-67.5 48 6.5 60 4 266 500 100 180 4.09 4.009 MR.012A
        AMBY091 110 146 220 94.5-97.5 74.5-77.5 58 6.5 75 5 326 681 138 257 4.091 4.0091 MR.013A
        AMBY092 120 168 250 102-105 77-80 60 7 75 5 369 748 138 257 4.092 4.0092 MR.014A
        AMBY093 150 188 280 119.5-123.5 89.5-93.5 72 7.5 90 5 489 1066 182 488 4.093 4.0093 MR.015A

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